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From weddings, birthday parties, PTO fund raisers, school carnivals, private parties, corporate events and trade shows. This is guaranteed to be the most photographed and talked about part of your event.



We love weddings. The options are unlimited. Barn type weddings are very popular right now. This cart and character servers are a must for any such event. The cart looks beautiful with one of our umbrellas and lights added for mood. The carts look great dressed up with bows, antique menu board easel, wooden barrel trash can and additional table added with toppings. This can be set up with pre-paid ice cream or we can serve your ice cream in dishes or cones. Just ask and let us give you some unique ideas.

Private Parties


We will set up at your party loaded with pre-packaged ice cream treats. OR  You can pre-pay for any number of ice cream snacks and give them out like an open bar or we can set up as a cash ice cream bar. We can also just bring the cart and you can supply your own ice cream that we can scoop and put on cones or in ice cream dishes. We can also set up with a variety of toppings like chocolate sauce and sprinkles. the options are only limited by your imagination. We are happy to be a photo op for your event as well.


Corporate Events


Corporate events are great for grand openings, customer appreciation events, holiday parties, picnics, employee appreciation, you name it.  You pre-pay for what ever amount of ice cream you want. If there is any left we simply leave it in the break room freezer when we leave. These carts will fit through a standard door so can be put in your office, front lobby, breakroom or showroom. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.

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