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This is an add on feature to our current business, Texas Jumping Beans. We have been in the party business in Austin since 2004. This portion of our business is so unique that it deserved its own website and marketing.

Our goal here was to do something truly unique in the Austin area. This cart can be used in any entertainment concept from a PTO fund raiser, childrens parties and even at an elegant wedding.


We can cater ice cream to your event. We use pre-packaged ice cream treats like Klondike bars, ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, ice cream cups etc. We can also just use our employees and they can serve ice cream you provide as well, if you want us to serve something else. We are open to any ideas you may want to present at your event and are happy to give you ideas.


This cart will fit through a standard door at your home, business or office. The cart can be even dressed up more with subtle led lighting, antique menu boards, different color umbrellas to match your theme as well. An antique serving table can be placed beside it to be used for plates, spoons and toppings if you want to get very elegant for a large wedding.


Don't be suprised if this is one of the most photographed components of your event. Spencer, Carson and Keaton are used to high demand for photographs and being part of selfies for the social media crowd.

Please take a second to request a quote. Just let us know how many people you want to serve and the start and end time of your event.


I always say, if your going to do an event make it an event your guests will talk about.

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